My Theta Embrace with a Tree

I remember a day when as a child, maybe seven or eight years old, I was standing outside in front of my home beside a huge, old tree; there was not a single other person anywhere in sight; the street was empty in both directions.

I remember for some unknowable reason, I felt a strong urge to lean into the tree, press myself against it and wrap my arms around it in a tight embrace.  The trunk was so wide that my arms did not even reach half way around its massive bulk and the bark was scratchy against my tender skin but I didn’t care.  I stood there like that, hugging that tree for a long time–so long in fact, that in my childhood innocence, I easily dropped into a Theta brain wave and zoned out from the world around me; it was just the tree and me hanging on to it as if nothing else in the world existed.

Of course, I was not aware at the time that I had slowed down my breathing and inadvertently accessed a Theta brain wave but what I did know was that I felt utterly and completely safe, at peace, and unconditional love flowed into me and through me; it was rapture.  I didn’t really know or care where the love was coming from–I just felt it–and that’s why I stood there for so long, just absorbing it and the peacefulness of my Theta induced embrace with that tree.

More than fifty years has passed since that sunny day and I remember it as if it just happened to me moments ago.  I can see that little girl with long, thick, wavy blonde hair with her little arms wrapped around that big, old tree and feeling connected, protected, valued and safe.  It was a precious momentary energetic healing for a child who needed it.

When I initially took the training to become a certified ThetaHealing practitioner, the first time I put myself into a Theta state, I though of that childhood tree embrace and was reminded that as a child, my real world lacked the unconditional love, security and protection I needed.  My child’s world was a lonely and threatening place.  Now, on a daily basis, I reconnect with that little girl inside of me and give her what she needs to feel safe, valued, appreciated, seen, and heard.  I am the only one on the planet who can give her exactly what she needs in exactly the way she wants it.  The more my adult selfs parents my child self, the more whole I feel as an adult; the more I can love fully and receive love.