7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. ThetaHealing is like therapy on steroids! It’s like being kindly and compassionately busted on those thoughts you didn’t even know were weighing you down and holding you back. Tedi gently identifies your blocks, clears them away, and gives you a new lens from which to see. Everything she has said to me has been completely spot on. She is a truly gifted practitioner. Highly recommended!!!

  2. I was deeply surprised that being in a theta brain wave, there were places I simply could not go; indeed emotional blockages! Being Cristal clear, fully conscious but in an emotional state; I was faced with barriers. This emotional garbage we just drag along and it holds us down and serves no specific purpose, but draining our energy. It is great to know that through these type of sessions we can choose to let go of our baggage we are identified with on the deepest level… I have been working on healing myself for many years, but Tedi can clearly, quickly and relatively easily ‘see’ what you are holding on to. I am attached to some negative thoughts, which were in my own blind spots… It is great to have access to a mirror to help purify our minds!

  3. Heran, thank you for the opportunity to work with you; you are such a loving and deep soul and it is a joy and an honor to be your ThetaHealing practitioner!

  4. I so appreciate the work I did with Tedi. I have embraced many forms of healing throughout my life. Tedi is a compassionate and skilled healer. I had some blocks that held me back from realizing my potential, some blocks around success. Since my work with Tedi, I have broken through those blocks, realized a significant promotion in my business that has made a difference for our family. More importantly, I treasure who I am becoming as I serve the world more effectively without these barriers. Thank you, Tedi. I treasure you and your important healing work.

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