What Is Theta Healing?

When sleeping, as our body relaxes and our brain waves slow down, we enter into a kind of brain wave activity known as Theta which is characterized by rapid eye movement (REM).  It is in this Theta state that we dream. With the slower Theta brain waves, our creativity and imagination are maximized; our minds are free, unlimited, and uninhibited to explore in ways that are impossible with other brain activity. Theta waves relax every cell of our bodies allowing physical and emotional healing.

In addition to experiencing Theta waves while dreaming during REM sleep, we can also access Theta while we are awake.  Some people achieve the Theta state through deep, focused meditation and/or yoga or by listening to soothing music designed to enhance relaxation and deep breathing.

ThetaHealing practitioners are trained to access the Theta brain state in a manner of seconds and can keep themselves in the Theta state for as long as desired while facilitating instant attitudinal healing with clients or on themselves.  Theta Healers are trained to use the Theta brain waves to connect to their own energy or the energetic vibrations of their clients to clearly see limiting beliefs that attract illness and/or inhibit abundance of joy, health, prosperity, and overall well-being.  ThetaHealing practitioners facilitate the removal of these hindrances and complete the healing by offering downloads of beliefs that are in the highest and best good of all and replace the ones that were removed.


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