Private Sessions

Private ThetaHealing sessions for individuals include the same basic dynamics of all other types of sessions: removing old beliefs that no longer serve the client and replacing them with ones that do!

The added benefit however of private individual sessions and what differentiates them from all other types of sessions, is that Tedi delves exclusively into the energetic space of only one client at a time and explores that space as deeply as the client’s willingness allows.  This exclusivity provides the ideal circumstances to create an intimate and secure environment that opens up volumes of thoughts and feelings needing to be released and replaced.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of private sessions is that it provides the client the opportunity to travel backwards in time with Tedi’s guidance and loving support to identify those experiences that negatively shaped a lifetime of decisions and behaviors.  Tedi provides empowering activities for the client to self-empower during the session and sometimes suggests empowering homework activities to be done daily until the next session.

Some clients who are receiving ThetaHealing sessions for couples, families, or groups may choose to supplement them with private sessions to individually go deeper and more personally than is possible in the other types of sessions.

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