Theta for Couples

Successfully maneuvering the ups and downs of being in a relationship may be one of the most challenging opportunities we face.  Sometimes appropriate, respectful communication seems out of reach.  Old hurts and blame may pop up, as do anger and frustration.  Deep abiding love and desire at times feels inadequate to ensure the kind of satisfying and much needed understanding and appreciation both partners seek.

When relationship challenges seem overwhelming, couples may feel the need for some sort of impartial third party intervention to help them connect more authentically with their wants, needs, frustrations, and fears.

Tedi Ware provides the energetic ThetaHealing that goes above and beyond traditional couples counseling which in some cases only perpetuates entrenched polarization between the partners.  Tedi’s unique style of soothing, calming, non-confrontational energetic ThetaHealing sessions gives each of the partners a safe, nurturing, nonjudgmental  space in which to experience healing together.  Couples leave a ThetaHealing session with Tedi, feeling peaceful, unified, optimistic, grateful, and loved.

ThetaHealing for Couples is done in person and also via telephone.  Some couples prefer to receive ThetaHealing over the telephone because it eliminates having to drive to an office and instead provides the couple with complete privacy to relax into their own personal space while receiving healing and then when the session ends, their peaceful unity is not interrupted; they simply say good bye and end the call.

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