ThetaHealing and Genetics

Science is revealing new truths about the role genetics plays in our life far beyond what we look like or our talents, intelligence, and predisposition to certain illnesses.

Epigenetic research is currently garnering attention in various scientific communities.  New findings indicate that studies done with mice show that three generations of mice were affected genetically by environmental conditions imposed upon their ancestors in controlled labs three generations earlier.  Obviously we are not mice but if genetics possibly plays such a huge role in our lives–does this mean we are doomed to certain genetic predispositions that negatively impact our health, joy, and prosperity?

With ThetaHealing, the answer is a resounding NO!

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of ThetaHealing is its effectiveness in changing thoughts and beliefs that positively impact all the cells in our bodies.  Using ThetaHealing, we can and do alter our cellular makeup throughout our body–particularly our brain cells by receiving energetic downloads that create new thoughts patterns!

Neuroplasticity is the science that explains how repeated experiences shape the brain and create new neural pathways that replace default ones that were not serving us in our highest and best ways.  Neuroscientists report optimistically that because of neuroplasticity, we can expect to retrain our brains regardless of age–right up until the final days of our lives.  ThetaHealing drives the creation of new cells throughout our bodies.


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