Theta for Families

In many families, members get assigned particular roles that stick with them for long periods–sometimes throughout their lives.  These assignments tend to be unspoken; no one in the family ever needs to mention them or even acknowledge that they exist but the person’s identity seems to develop almost entirely around her/his particular assigned role and everyone else in the family knows what that role is.  For example, one person may be the “angry family member” and another might be the “shy one” or the “funny one.”  Someone else might be the “depressed one,” or the “smart one,” or even the “perfect one.”  All these unspoken assignments are extremely limiting and actually block the person from developing fully and discovering who she/he really is.  Another drawback about families’ unspoken roles is that each person who has one–tends to own it exclusively so that other members of the family might be deprived or absolved entirely of developing or demonstrating that particular trait.  For example, if one person is thought of as the “angry one,” and acts out frequently with angry outbursts, then no one else in the family ever has to learn how to show their own anger.  The “angry one” ends up demonstrating enough anger for all the members of the family and everyone else keeps their anger bottled up inside of them and may not even know it’s there!  You can see how unfair this is to everyone in the family and also how limiting it is.  It can block each person from fully discovering who they are, what they feel, want or need as well as from learning how to demonstrate that trait appropriately.

ThetaHealing sessions for families are a powerful and peaceful way to reveal all limiting beliefs and pull them out of the energetic fields of every member of the family.  This frees up space energetically to download new beliefs that serve the family as a whole and each individual within it in the highest and best good of all.

ThetaHealing sessions for families bring calm, joy, relief, hope, inspiration, tenderness and love to all the members and the entire family can feel energized, renewed, and empowered  by each session.

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