Theta for Moms and Daughters

Everyone who is a mother or a daughter, or both, knows how challenging and complex mother-daughter relationships can be.  Women carry so many sources of data within themselves: physically, genetically, emotionally, spiritually, and in ways we probably don’t even know about yet.  With all this information impacting us on so many levels, it can sometimes feel like bombardment and unexpectedly and suddenly, we can get triggered. Patterns of communication running along the lowest and most primitive pathways may kick in and the results can be disastrous.  We feel crushed or enraged; we say unkind things; and at times, we may feel hopeless that we might ever consistently sustain the peaceful relationship we each so desperately want with each other.  We know how much we love each other yet sometimes we can’t even bare to hear the sound of her voice!

If this resonates with you even a tiny bit, then you can rejoice right now because Mother-Daughter ThetaHealing sessions with Tedi are going to take you to a place of peace you never could have imagined and you will be filled with hope and optimism as you create an entirely new relationship that serves both of you in the highest and best good.  Feelings of blame, resentment, victimhood and all other self-defeating programs will be removed and replaced with life and relationship enhancing beliefs that lead you to a delicious and uniquely feminine connection with each other!

Contact Tedi for details at: Thetahealingwithtediware[@]


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