Group Sessions

ThetaHealing for selected groups is highly motivating, productive, and beneficial for people who share similar traits, behaviors, experiences, activities, or work.  As with all other ThetaHealing sessions, limiting beliefs and behaviors are removed energetically and replaced with energetic downloads that serve the members of the group in their highest and best interest.  Instant attitudinal healing can and does occur with every member who chooses to receive it.

Before the group session begins, Tedi asks each person in the group for permission to enter his/her energetic field.  After Tedi accesses the Theta brain state, she facilitates healing for the entire group simultaneously but she does not reveal what beliefs any particular person in the group is holding energetically; the beliefs of each person in the group remain confidential at all times during the session.

Group ThetaHealing sessions are particularly well-suited and valuable for:

  • recovering alcoholics/addicts or others in treatment for compulsive/obsessive behaviors
  • colleagues who want to improve their collective productivity, joy, and abundance in their workplace
  • people who share the same field of work such as nurses, teachers, etc. who have similar work-related stressors

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