What Are Limiting Beliefs and How Do We Get Rid of Them?

Even during our womb experience of nine months, we begin to absorb information from the world we have not yet physically entered and from our moment of birth into this world, we are receiving and recording data neurologically, physiologically, and energetically–long before our brains are developed enough to comprehend what we are absorbing, and more importantly, how we are storing it on various levels (cellular, muscular, and in our brain’s exquisite memory center: the hippocampus.)

As infants and toddlers, we receive messages from our caregivers–sometimes subtly and sometime more overtly–that begin to profoundly impact our thoughts and actions.  These incoming bits of data contribute to form the belief systems that govern how we experience the world around us and how we interact and respond to people, events, situations, and challenges.  Sometimes as young children or adolescents with limited power over our environment, the coping strategies we employ based upon our beliefs may–or may not– help or protect us.  But as we mature, holding on to those early beliefs can actually become barriers to realizing our full joy and potential as mindful and empowered adults who proactively take charge of their lives to attract abundance of joy, health, love, community, connection and finances.

Most of us unknowingly cling to old belief systems, programs, stories and voices that are no longer serving us in our highest and best good.  In fact, many of these unconscious self-defeating beliefs sabotage us without our even being aware that they exist and thrive in our energetic reality, and that they exhibit such supreme power over us that they block the fulfillment, joy, and prosperity that we deserve and desire.

How do we get rid of these limiting beliefs?  With Theta Healing!

What Theta Healing does that other healing modalities don’t do is that it uses the unique aspect of the Theta brave wave itself to trigger healing.  The essence and structure of the Theta brain wave is its inherent capacity to maximize imagination, creativity, and healing at all levels of existence.  When we sleep and dream, we are in the Theta brain wave and it is at that time that our brain is capable of healing but few of us have the training in just how to do it.  Theta Healing practitioners are trained to instantly access the Theta brain wave in less than a minute while they are awake.  Using the Theta brain wave with clients, the practitioner facilitates healing at the energetic level by: 1) revealing to the client the particular beliefs, stories, and programs the client is holding energetically that keeps her/him stuck, 2) assisting in their removal, and 3) replacing them with beliefs that serve the client in the highest and best ways to accelerate healing.

With even just one Theta Healing session with Tedi Ware, you will experience this process and know that you have begun a kind of healing that brings you closer to the abundance your heart and soul crave.


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